Bathroom furniture

Contemporary bathroom furniture with endless possibilities

Modular bathroom furniture of top quality

With high-quality materials and original furniture designs, this supplying partner takes your bathroom experience to a higher level. But the creator of your dream bathroom is you. Our modular products can be put together and combined as desired to obtain the total picture that fully fits your living style

Bath tubs

To bathe

Nothing is more wonderful than a relaxing moment in the bath with a good book and the sound of soap bubbles around you

This range brings comfort and design together in a stylish range of baths that fit perfectly into any type of bathroom. Rectangular or rounded, from medium to large: with a freestanding bath from this industry-partner you not only get an eye-catcher in your home, but you bathe in luxurious quality at the same time

Shower tray

Luxurious shower trays in various marble shades

Give your bathroom the stylish look it deserves with a sleek shower tub in the same material as your sink. By matching the materials you instantly create a stunning effect. The eye-catchers par excellence are undoubtedly our luxurious shower trays in various marble shades, from white Carrara to Pietra Grey

Wall-hung toilets

Wall-hung toilets

Anyone who thinks that a toilet cannot look classy is wrong. Also our modern wall-hung toilets prove otherwise with their minimalist designs and refined colours, from cappuccino beige to elegant black. A cool look for your smallest room? We've got you covered!

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