About us

More then 30 years experience in our industry

We work for more than 17 years in the Portuguese market

We have experience in the high-end kitchen- and furniture market for over 30 years

We developed a for Europe unique Full-Service-Concept, where we support our trading-partners on all levels so that they can focus themselves on a flawless selling of the products of our industry-partners

For our Full-Service-Concept to work efficiently we need reliable industry-partners who can guarantee us correct delivery times, professional order handling, top sales-material support towards our trading-partnersand an efficient after-sales department

With our concept and unique order management system we not only deliver high-end products in time to our trading-partners but through our efficient system we save our customers a lot of time and therefore money in spending it with for instance ordering, after-sales issues and so on

Because of this full support towards our trading-partners, we also develop a strong personal bond with them

Every 2 months our sales-team and Back-Office evaluates our delivery portfolio and what we perhaps miss in this portfolio according to the demands in the market. Our team also carefully search, study and select new possible industry-partners. It is for us very important that we keep at all times a good relationship with our trading-partners and deliver them new products from suppliers that they also can trust in delivering them a great performance

Because of the success of our Full-Service-Concept we get regular requests from trading-partners in other countries. We however at the moment only focus on our current Portuguese markets (mainland Portugal and the Portuguese islands) and Portugal related markets

There is one exception however. Since not to long ago we are working after several requests from trading-partners in that area in the south of Spain. The area from the Portuguese border up till Marbella/Malaga. End-customers (mainly foreigners with second houses) in that region are nearly the same as end-customers in the Algarve in Portugal, who show great interest in the products we sell

There is only one remark. The products we sell in this part of Spain may not interfere with existing agreements from suppliers with B2B customers in Spain

We use the term “Service as our product”. Our concept is our product and next to this product we analyse every 2 months the demands in our markets, by finding industry-partners who can fill up this demand