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About CCHMDC project management


The complete handling of projects we usually do together with our trading-partners c.q. our retailers. They will arrange with you the meetings on site and in their showrooms. They will define with you the details of the final product(s)-order that you want to buy for your project, such as for instance the kitchen, the bathroom(s), complete interiors, outdoor furniture and so on


In 5 steps to the final project handling that works:

1. Contact

CCHMDC project management stands for convenience. And for the project delivery that works for everyone. This also applies to the journey to this new project. And the route after that. We believe that it is easier to have one permanent contact person from our organization and one trading-partner. This way you always know who to contact and there is never any doubt about it. Whether it is for orientation of your new project, during or after an order. One point of contact for your project in your region. Uncluttered and clear

2. Getting to know each other & Inventory of the wishes

Whether you are looking for a compact turnkey interior for a housing project or as a developer you want to compare various options for a spacious owner-occupied home: we are sincerely curious about the specific interior issue within your project. Based on one or more conversations, our trading-partner will make an inventory of your wishes, preferences and cost estimates. We compare these to our ranges and services so that you get a good idea of ​​the possibilities and any additional options. This way you know in advance exactly what to expect from us

3. Solve the project interior questions

We know better than anyone that every target group needs a different interior/product solution. When all project wishes and cost estimates are clear, our trading-partner will start solving your specific project issues as quickly as possible. We do this on the basis of convenience and functionality. Because we understand that the eye also wants something, we take you through the possibilities in our ranges of the specific product(s) you want

4. Agreements & Execution

We understand what you need from us and our trading-partner, but are happy to give you a choice in the extent to which you want to use our help on your project. In principle, we can arrange everything for you from the design of the interior products, to giving you brochures and guidance to delivery and assembly. Our main concern is that you can carry out your plans the way you want. In this way our trading-partner can coordinate the entire process and guarantee that the execution is done with the quality and service that you can expect from us. It goes without saying that we think along with you flexibly in this regard. With our many years of experience, we know all too well that this is the key to success. Only in this way can we fulfil our vision and promise that all customers are ambassadors of CCHMDC

5. Sustainable Relationship

Customer focus is our top priority. We try to make it as easy as possible for you and your customer. This starts with scheduling a first appointment and continues until after delivery and installation. Because you can always count on our qualitative relationship when using the interior products, both during the warranty period and afterwards. In this way we work towards a sustainable collaboration in which we, as a partner, permanently solve all individual interior issues for you. Because that is since the beginning 2005 our ambition

We like to help you


Contact details

For questions about our products and business services in projects, you can contact us by e-mail to Project management CompraCom HMDC



By appointment only

We will connect you with the responsible project trading-partner in your region

The account manager of our trading-partner in your region will contact you accordingly to make an appointment in their showroom to discuss with you the further details of your project

We support our trading-partners closely with providing them with the necessary technical information an documentation to establish for you a professional detailed quotation 

We are of course always available for you for any question or remark

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