Our concept & our markets 


Our company is founded early 2005 in Portugal. CompraCom HMDC (CCHMDC) has been a reliable B2B business partner in Portugal for our industry-partners and our trading- partners for more than 17 years

Our office is located in the Algarve, in South Portugal 

In general, we have experience in the European high-end kitchen-, bathroom and furniture markets for over 30 years

Turn key Projects; A large part of our turnover comes from the middle to high-end of the Portuguese project market. Since several years we are specialised in managing Turn-key projects 


CompraCom HMDC has been distributing/representing kitchens, bathroom furniture, furniture, office furniture and several other Interior- and Exterior/Outdoor products in our markets


We have several business models for a collaboration; it depends of the product and our market analysis. It can be on working on a commission as an agency or as a distributor-importer, where we can also work for instance EXW (Ex Works)


Because of the Corona situation of the last years our work developed more towards an increasing demand under our trading-partners of digital communication and -information. Visits in the showrooms changed often in online-meetings, which worked efficiently for us as well as for our trading-partners


E-commerce. A logical consequence of this was also the strong development in our companies of e-commerce towards all our trading- and industry-partners. Therefore, also the consequence was the hiring of more personnel for our online/e-commerce activities in our markets


# Trading-partners are Retailers and Big-retail customers (customers with multiple showrooms). These customers work in the middle- to high-end of the market, and do their business with well-equipped showrooms

# Project-customers are for instance architects, hotels, restaurants, interior architects, construction companies and project developers

We are strong in the project business whereby we ourselves deliver directly to projects or through our trading-partners. For several years we have grown strongly in the area of managing Turnkey-Projects for our customers. It is our one-stop-shop concept which is picked up very well by our project customers

Almost all our trading-partners have for years already intensive contacts with regional project-customers. A significant part of our turnover comes from the project business

FYI, almost every one of our trading-partners also sells to projects, which by the way is common in Portugal because of the general sales structure for project-customers

# Private end customers which we reach with intensive email marketing campaigns, advertisements and promotions through social media. The end-customers that respond are then forwarded to our nearest trading-partners in the area of the end customer. Or when ever necessary, we will handle the B2C sales of the kitchens and all other interior-outdoor products ourselves 



Traditionally, every 2 months we analyze and evaluate with our 4 representatives and back-office our current delivery program c.q. -portfolio and we discuss the additional demands of products and/or brands that we got from our trading-partners and also our project-customers

Our representatives search and analyze the supplier’s markets for possible new industry-partners who can follow up to the demands in our markets

Regularly the outcome of these 2-months evaluation was that there is in Portugal substantial demands for new high-end quality indoor- and outdoor products. Products that we sometimes do not distribute yet in our markets



We are focused on the middle- to high-end of the market in mainland Portugal, including the Portuguese Islands and the former Portuguese colonies such as Angola, Mozambique but also South-Africa (these last 3 countries we deliver often through our trading-partners who also have companies in these countries. Note; we only deliver the products in these cases to their warehouses in Portugal or we deliver it to the harbor of Lisbon. Our customers take care of the further transport to these countries)


Portugal is a special market with almost 11 million inhabitants. The economy has grown strongly since 2014

Portugal is an interesting market. There are for instance no big buying-groups. Because of the south European attitude and how people think in general it is very complicated for these organizations to gain a foothold in Portugal to do some business

Portugal is still what they call a "Virgin Market"


Our markets have to be entered in a special way. It takes a lot of time, effort and money to put a new product c.q. -brand professionally in these markets


A new market for us is South-Spain. On several requests we recently started in this area of Spain from the Portuguese border to Malaga/Marbella



(On your request we will mention turnover that is absolute, x € 1 million excl. VAT/IVA)

Kitchens & bathrooms - product group. We will provide you the yearly net-turnover from last year

Mixed interior businesses - product group. We will provide you the yearly net-turnover from last year

Lighting businesses – product group. We will provide you the yearly net-turnover from last year

Flooring businesses – product group. We will provide you the yearly net-turnover from last year


NOTE: Mixed interior businesses sell a wide range of furniture, such as furniture for the living room, office and bedroom, beds, wardrobes, baby room and children's furniture, garden furniture, outdoor kitchens and -appliances, garden furniture, small furniture and home accessories



Portugal; a special market with almost 11 million inhabitants with a great demand for high-quality interior and exterior/outdoor products


Due to the many benefits in Portugal, which are also granted by the Portuguese government, many end-customers are foreigners who often have a second home or who also own a company in Portugal. For example, we have seen an exceptionally large increase in American end-customers in recent years


Portugal will also become one of the largest lithium suppliers in the world alongside China in the coming years. A 500-hectare lithium mine will open in northern Portugal in the coming years. Lithium is the "white gold" because it is used in the batteries of electric cars, which also play such an important role in the green energy transition. This will also attract highly qualified individuals from all over the world, who will demand high-quality products both inside and outside their homes



We cannot be defined as a standard agency, importer or distributor


We have a flat organization with a Democratic-Management-style. This also means that our 4 representatives are our feelers in our markets. They analyze our portfolio in a sales meeting every 2 months and advise possible new Industry-Partners


We work with a unique Full-Service-Concept. We basically completely unburden our trading-partners by taking care of marketing, updating their portfolio with the newest products/brands in the current market, product-/sales training, order-intake and order handling, after sales and project-sales support


This saves, next to the efficiency, our trading-partners often in their organization the costs of at least 1 person


We want our trading-partners to focus on what they do best and that is selling. And we want that they are making good money with our products


Our concept is our product and binds tightly our trading-partners to us. We always look closely what is needed in our markets and what the products are that can fit to our concept


In our concept our 4 representatives introduce new products with a 14 months sales support of our new industry-partner(s), together with an intensive market introduction of the new products- c.q. brands


For our industry-partners we deliver clean, checked orders in their ordering format (Excel sheet, software program, special forms etc) and in the language (German, English or Dutch) that they want


Our industry-partners also do not need to have special employees for order- and service handling in their back-offices for our markets


We prefer to work on commission-based concept. But again it depends, with some product groups we also can function as a importer/distributor


We work with nearly all our trading-partners in the project- and retail business with pre-payment, payment before delivery. This way of payment and doing business is very common in our markets


One exception; By very big projects or by Big-Retail (where the outlook is for a considerable turnover) they get the possibility, when approved by credit insurance companies and agreed on by our industry-partners, to obtain some special payment conditions (for instance payment within 30 or 45 days)



In a sister company we realized an extra sales channel where the focus is on selling products from all our CCHMDC-sectors with a unique B2C sales concept to private end-customers


Within this B2C sales concept there is a special branch that supplies and supervises turn-key-construction projects for end-customers in Portugal. Meaning that we deliver and, when necessary, completely install and oversee turn-key-construction projects to become a one-stop business partner for these group of end-customers



Normally in the time before the Corona-crisis, if you were interested, our director would talk to you in person on an exhibition or at your company about the possibilities on the Portuguese market for your products


When you are interested, you can have now already an Online-meeting with our director to discuss concretely the possibilities for your products and a possible cooperation in our markets

You can mail us to Product Management at CompraCom HMDC (CCHMDC); productmanagement@cchmdc.com when you want us to organize such an Online-meeting 

We thank you very much for your attention and your time


Your CCHMDC Product Management Team

E productmanagement@cchmdc.com