Service as our product

Our Full-Service-Concept is our product

We work with a unique Full-Service-Concept. We basically completely unburden our trading-partners by helping them with marketing, updating their portfolio with the newest products/brands in the current market, product-/sales training, order-intake and order handling, after sales and project-sales support

This saves, next to the efficiency, our customers often in their organization the costs of at least 1 person

We want our customers to focus on what they do best and that is selling. We genuinely want our trading-partners are making good money with our products

Our concept is our product and binds tightly our customers to us. We always look closely what is needed in our markets and what the products are that we can add to our delivery portfolio

In our concept our representatives start with a 14 months sales support of our new industry-partners. We do that with an intensive market introduction of the new products- c.q. brand

For our industry-partners we deliver clean, checked orders in their ordering format (Excel sheet, software program, special forms etc) and in the language (German, English or Dutch) they want

Therefore our industry-partners do not need to have extra order handlers for order- and service handling in their back-offices for our markets

We can work within several bussines-models. That can be with a commission-based model. With some industry-partners we can also function as a importer/distributor. It depends of the product. We can discuss the possibilities