Outdoor furniture & outdoor kitchens & big program of BBQ grills & accessories

Just cook outside!

Modern outdoor living spaces stand for enjoyment, conviviality, and relaxation

An outdoor kitchen is increasingly playing a central role in the design of these rooms. Just as naturally as guests gather in the kitchen at a successful, relaxed party, the outdoor kitchen becomes the focal point in the garden in summer

Here hosts and guests can meet, prepare food, enjoy chilled drinks and simply chat. But even in everyday life it is a pleasure not only to enjoy the fascination of grilling, but also to move the entire cooking process - from preparation to cooking to consumption - outdoors

With its outdoor kitchens, our industry-partners offer fascinating possibilities for staging such situations. When developing the product lines, the specifications were clear design, high functionality and perceived value

Production and design are made all in-house. We love nature - that's why also our industry-partner not only pay attention to weather resistance when choosing materials, but also to sustainability. Of course, this also applies to the packaging and delivery routes

The systems are logically thought out and tested by passionate "outdoor chefs". For example, our suppliers offer a comfortable working height, gas technology suitable for outdoor use, intelligent storage space solutions and extensions

The outdoor kitchens are suitable for private projects but also for the contract business. Always according to the motto: CELEBRATE OUTDOOR COOKING!

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