We restore damaged brand names & reputations in Portugal

In the last 17 years we experienced that many potential good suppliers are not correctly introduced in the Portuguese markets and damaged there brand-/product name unnecessarily

A common mistake was/is, for example, that a foreign supplier sees the countries Portugal an Spain as one. Therefore they often establish an office in Spain, mostly in the Madrid area, and say to the often Spanish representative(s) at that location that they have to cover, and treat, Spain and Portugal as one sales area.. They find out that that really didn´t work for them

Portugal and Spain are 180% different. They don´t understand each other, they have very different cultures which often clashes in the personal approaches and last but not least the economic situations are completely different

Therefore, to send a representative from Spain to visit Portugal to find potential dealers/retailers for his/her products is not fair.. He/she will encounter all the issues mentioned above

When time moves on, the representatives logically will concentrate more on the Spanish market (that he/she knows much better) and will report often that they cannot sell anything in Portugal and that the Portuguese market is not good for the products that they try to sell and represent

We can help

After careful analysis of the sales-history of your brand in Portugal, we make a new sales strategy with a firm marketing-plan

Next, we will re-introduce your products and it´s brand name in our Portuguese markets to selected potential new trading-partners

Together with introducing your brand with our Full-Service-Concept to these potential new trading-partners we can establish by them new trust in your brand

Note; An additional surprising effect is that we know now for a fact that when we turn a former negative customer to a positive customer for your brand and who want to sell your products again, you will often have this customer for life

The analysis mentioned above contains shortly also the following 5 points to approach possible still existing customers, if there are any:

1. Know why you are rebranding;

A rebrand is a major undertaking, involving your marketing, web presence, possible client list and mission. The process is more likely to succeed if you can focus on a compelling reason to change

2. Plan a comprehensive strategy before you begin;

Many businesses are surprised by the complexities involved in a rebrand

3. Anticipate questions and concerns;

Communicating with potential customers during a rebrand is key to maintaining (and becoming new) possible existing client relationships. If these customers don’t understand, and don´t see, why changes are occurring, they may lose trust in the business once and for all. You will also see of course a significant drop in turnover by customers who still ordered something during the years

4. Publicize your rebrand;

Communicating with your customers doesn’t have to be internal or even private. All of these business leaders found that talking about their rebrand as publicly as possible didn’t just help them maintain their current level of business – it led to an increase.

5. Prepare your existing customers;

Strategies like being transparent about your rebrand and having a clear plan for how to accomplish it will go a long way towards retaining customers. But the best way to avoid a drop in business is to focus on maintaining excellent service, no matter what else is going on

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